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The month of May is a very important part of our  Confederate  Heritage,
and  is  something  we  all  can  be  very proud of.  As I sit before my
computer to write this month's Commander Comments, I  am  reminded  that
last Wednesday (May 5th) was Cinco De Mayo Day celebrated throughout the
country of Mexico and the United  States.   The  day  is  when  Mexicans
celebrate  their heritage, but not as a day of independence as many have
thought over the years.  It is actually the anniversary of a battle that
took  place  in  1862  between  French  troops  and heavily out-numbered
Mexican forces.  Another great battle occurred  on  the  North  American
continent  just  one-year  later  when  a  heavily out-numbered force of
Confederates led by General Robert E.  Lee, outfought, out soldiered and
resoundingly  defeated  the vastly superior but poorly led Union Army of
the Potomac at the Battle of Chancellorsville.  This  battle  has  often
been  called  Lee  and  Jackson's  masterpiece  because  in  the face of
over-whelming forces, numerous times General Lee divided his forces  and
attacked  the  poorly  led  Union  forces  and  ultimately  routed them.
Unfortunately, the brave and  valiant  General  Stonewall  Jackson  fell
victim to a volley of smoothbore musket fire from nervous North Carolina
troops, and died of pneumonia several days later.                       

The month of May one year later saw the beginnings  of  General  Grant's
vicious  and  deadly  Overland  Campaign  with the opening battle in the
Wilderness.  It was during this battle on May  6th  that  General  Lee's
"Old  War  Horse" - our very own General James Longstreet, was felled in
similar circumstances as General  Jackson  the  year  earlier.   General
Longstreet  was  fired  upon  and wounded by troops under the command of
General Kershaw.  Fortunately  for  the  Confederacy  and  General  Lee,
General Longstreet survived his wounding and was later able to return to
command - although without the use of one of his arms for the  remainder
of the war.                                                             

The  month of May also played a significant part in the formation of the
Confederate States of America when  the  state  of  North  Carolina  and
Commonwealth  of Virginia voted to secede from the Union within one week
of each other in 1861.  Without a doubt, the month  of  May  is  a  very
important part of our Confederate Heritage-which is something we all can
be very proud of.  This year's Memorial Day will fall on the last day of
the  month,  May  31st,  and if you're like me you will be off from work
that day.  I strongly encourage each and everyone one of you to attend a
Memorial  Day  service-or  two,  and  to  show how proud you are of your
Confederate Heritage.  I know that I am - and I will continue to  do  so
anyway that I possibly can, and at the same time I will continue to help
friends, colleagues and neighbors have a better understanding about  our
cause for which we all stand for.                                       

As  we  continue with our struggle of trying to save our history and our
heritage, I am reminded of what the great  reporter  Edward  R.   Murrow
once  said  -  "We  can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot
escape responsibilities for the results".  Something to think about  the
next time you hear someone talking down to those of us who wish to honor
and educate others of our heritage and our history because they both are
so much a part of who we are as Americans today.                        

Remember - "Longstreet is the Camp boys - Longstreet is the Camp!"

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next camp meeting!

Deo Vindice!                       


It was great having Lloyd Brooks at our April meeting after his  surgery
and the subsequent recovery period caused him to miss two meetings.     

Thanks  to  Lewis  Mills,  Ray  Crews,  Gene Golden, and Brad Plybon for
cleaning up our section of Studley Road, Hanover County, on Saturday  24
April.   Several  members  who  usually help had prior commitments which
prevented them from dong so.                                            

Congratulations to Lewis for receiving a Meritorious Service Award  from
the  Virginia Division in recognition of his work in making available to
Sons everywhere the list of 252 Confederate soldiers buried at  Woodland
Cemetery,  Ashland.  Our webmaster Gary Cowardin put it on our web site.
Lewis has been responsible  for  several  grave  marker  dedications  in
addition  to  spearheading  our  semi-annual road cleanups.  Gary does a
fine job in maintaining the web site and in editing  and  producing  the
Old  War  Horse.   The  latter  requires  that  he sometimes has to prod
dilatory writers.                                                       

The Division Convention in Lynchburg went  very  well.   There  was  one
nomination  from  the  floor.   Each  candidate for that office spoke so
highly of the other  that  one  would  have  thought  that  he  was  his
opponent's  campaign  manager.   The nominee of the nominating committee
won.  At different meals I had the pleasure of dining with  Ken  Parsons
and  Jeff  Toalson  of  the  James  City Cavalry Camp, newly elected 2nd
Brigade Commander Doug Pruiett, his sons Doug Jr.  and Jeff,  and  newly
elected  Division 1st LCDR Mike Thomas, John Henry Taylor, Mrs.  Thomas,
and Mrs. Taylor.                                                        

Post  banquet  entertainment  was  provided  by  Stan  Clardy,  who  was
outstanding.  If you have an opportunity to see and hear him, do so.  As
I write this, I am playing his CD  "Songs  of  Faith  and  Heritage."  I
enjoyed listening to it while driving home from Lynchburg.              

I had hoped  to  attend  our  April  Camp  meeting,  but  a  misbehaving
digestive  system  prevented  me  from doing so.  Harry Boyd came to the
rescue on short notice by giving  Lloyd  Brooks,  Bob  Moore,  and  Hugh
Williams  a ride to the meeting and by delivering to Mike Kidd the paper
work which usually comes with me.  Mike and Taylor Cowardin handled  the
paper shuffling and money well.                                         

The Sesquicentennial gives us a golden opportunity to live up to Stephen
Dill Lee's pledge.  There will be enormous amounts of false  information
circulating about The War.  It is our duty to speak up for our ancestors
by educating the misinformed and the uninformed.  Our ancestors answered
the  calls  of  their nation and their state and are therefore worthy of
praise and gratitude.  We owe it to them to see that  their  service  is
not distorted or belittled.                                             

Please mark your calendars for two events, one in late May and the other
in  early  June.  The Memorial Day service Monday 31 May at 10 AM at the
Confederate Chapel on Grove Avenue will feature Virginia  Beard  Morton,
author  of Marching Through Culpeper, speaking on John Pelham.  Stirring
period music wll be provided by the John Marshall Cadet Alumni Band from
9:00 AM until 9:40 AM.                                                  

On   Saturday  5  June  the  Virginia  Division  will  hold  its  annual
commemoration of Jefferson Davis's birthday at Hollywood Cemetery at  10

I look forward to being with you at our 18 May meeting.


Brigade Commander Doug Pruiett, Doug Jr., Noelle, Doug, Isabelle
at our April meeting.






I am excited to announce that Bill Young will be our speaker at our  May
meeting.   He  will  give  a  presentation titled "Talking Confederates"
where he will bring  some  pieces  from  his  collection  and  tell  the
fascinating  histories and stories associated with each item.  Bill is a
very dynamic and entertaining speaker and  often  portrays  historically
significant  personalities in costume including John Paul Jones, Woodrow
Wilson and Douglas MacArthur.                                           

Bill is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the  University  of
Richmond  Law  School.   He  is  the author and illustrator of two books
about his Scouting adventures, Once a Scout and Trailing the Eagle.   He
co-authored  with  his  wife, Patricia Chewning Young, the 56th Virginia
Infantry in the Virginia Regimental Histories Series.   He  also  writes
and  illustrates  articles for several historical magazines on a regular

Bill is a costumed historical interpreter for the National Park  Service
at  Jamestown,  Virginia.   He  is  a member of the casts of the Patrick
Henry reenactment at St.  John's Church in Richmond,  Virginia,  and  of
the  Parson's  Cause  at  Hanover Court House.  Bill has appeared in two
films and has been listed in Who's Who in Professional Speaking.  He has
been  a  member  of  the  National  Speakers  Association,  the Virginia
Speakers Association, and the International  Platform  Association.   To
date, Bill has performed in 20 states and in London, England.           

More  information can be found on Mr.  Young at:
Please come to the next meeting and be sure to bring a guest or two,  or
three, or four, or more!  You won't be disappointed!                    



Terry Thomann the director of "Civil War Life - The Soldier's Museum" in
Fredericksburg,   gave  a  power  point  presentation  on  Civil War era
photography and demonstrated how photographs were taken during the Civil
War with some original photographical equipment on hand.                

April meeting attendance: 28


Latest News on the Gettysburg Casino Battle

Four years ago, the Civil War Preservation  Trust  squared  off  against
investors  who  wanted  to build a sprawling 3,000-slot machine gambling
complex about a mile from the Gettysburg battlefield.  Now,  nearly  the
same  group  of  investors  (referring  to  themselves  as  "Mason-Dixon
Resorts, LLC.") has formally applied for a  gaming  license  that  would
allow  them  to  place a Gettysburg casino even closer to America's most
famous battlefield.  Needless to say, CWPT cannot sit idly by while such
a shortsighted proposal is under consideration.                         

The proposed casino would be a mere 1/2 mile south of the National Park.

We want to preserve the sanctified, dignified and reverent atmosphere of
Gettysburg,  arguably  America's best known historic site.  We need your
voice to succeed!                                                       

Let's tell  Pennsylvania  Governor  Ed  Rendell  and  state  legislative
leaders, "Don't Gamble with Gettysburg!"                                

For more information visit CWPT's website:


Commander: Michael Kidd 270-9651 1st. Lt. Cmdr.: Taylor Cowardin 359-9277 2nd Lt. Cmdr.: Thomas G. Vance 282-6278 Adjutant/Treasurer: Walter Tucker 360-7247 Judge Advocate: Harry Boyd 741-2060 Quartermaster: R. Preston Nuttall 276-8977 Chaplain: Henry V. Langford 474-1978


War Horse editor and Webmaster: Gary F. Cowardin 262-0534 Website:



The following is a  listing  of  Longstreet  Camp  Donors  for  Virginia
Division  Special  Funds, Hurtt Scholarship Fund, Camp General Fund, and
the upkeep of "The Old War Horse" from  July  through  March  2010.   As
you  know,  our cumulative listing starts in July of each year and we do
not meet in August.                                                     

Walt Beam       Lloyd Brooks      Brian Cowardin         Clint Cowardin   
Taylor Cowardin Lee Crenshaw      Ray Crews              Jason Fazackarley
Dale Harlow     Michael Hendrick  Pat Hoggard            Don Jewett*      
Crawley Joyner  Jack Kane         Peter Knowles, II      Lewis Mills      
Conway Moncure                                                            
Bob Moore       Joe Moschetti     Joseph Sterling Price  Waite Rawls      
Peyton Roden    Cary Shelton      Chris Trinite          Walter Tucker    
Tom Vance       David Ware        Harold Whitmore        Hugh Williams    

* in memory of his late son Chris, who was a Longstreet Camp member

Confederate Veteran.

In the May/June 2010 issue on page 48 NOTICES From Around the Confederation The right hand column is about the Soldiers in Woodlawn Cemetery, Ashland, VA and identifies our work is setting this up online.


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