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September 11th - definitely a date  that  all  Americans  can  and  will
remember.   I  dare say that each member of the Longstreet Camp can well
remember what they were doing and where they were that faithful  morning
9-years ago when the tradegies in New York City and at the Pentagon were
just unfolding.  Before that day was  complete,  almost  3,000  American
lives  were  lost.   Many  have said that since that day our country has
never been the same - and I would definitely agree with that assessment.

Since that day we as a nation have engaged in two wars,  lost  thousands
of  American  troops  and have become a nation of intolerance.  With the
very recent news of the possible  burning  of  a  religious  book  by  a
Florida pastor, it has brought to my mind the following statement:      

  "Be  it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That no man shall  
  be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or  
  ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or  
  burdened in his body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer on account  
  of  his religious opinions or belief; but that all men shall be free  
  to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinions  in  matters  
  of religion, and that the same shall in nowise diminish, enlarge, or  
  affect their civil capacities."                                     

This statement comes from the Statute  of  Religious  Freedom  that  was
drafted  by  Thomas  Jefferson  in  1786  -  you can find a part of this
statute posted on an outside building wall at the bottom of the  Shockoe
Slip area around 14th street.  A lot of Confederate soldiers and leaders
- Stonewall Jackson and Robert E.  Lee just to name two, often mentioned
providence  in  their  dispatches  and reports.  Typically just before a
major battle or series of battles were to occur troops were seen  to  be
heavily  attending  church services in the camps.  Religion played a big
part in the War Between the States in the lives of the leaders  and  the
men who fought on the front lines each and every day.                   

The  State  Fair  of Virginia is just around the corner (by the time you
will receive this), but this year DO NOT look for an exhibit booth being
run  by  the  Virginia Division, SCV.  I recently received news that the
Virginia Division, SCV, WILL NOT have an exhibit booth  at  this  year's
Virginia  State  Fair.   The  reasons  I'm sure are many, of which was a
tremendous increase in the cost of the exhibit booth space.  But if  you
do  attend,  PLEASE  make  it  a point of letting the people who run the
State Fair of Virginia (politely)  know  of  your  dis-pleasure  of  not
having  a booth from the SCV there this year, and should they inquire if
this would have an effect on your future attendance to the State Fair  -
I suggest that you tell them YES IT WILL!                               

Don't  forget  to  turn  in  your  annual dues statement to Walter - you
should have received a statement in the mail already.  If  you  did  not
receive  a  statement  and are in good standing with the Longstreet Camp
and the Virginia Division-SCV, then  please  contact  Walter  Tucker  or
myself  so  we can get a payment form to you.  If you know of anyone who
was a Longstreet Camp member  in  the  past,  but  may  have  let  their
membership  expire  -  please  let  Walter or myself know so that we may
contact them to see if they would be interested in re-joining  (I  would
also encourage you to do the same).                                     

I  will  not  be at our next scheduled camp meeting as I have a previous
engagement to attend that night, but have  asked  Taylor  Cowardin,  and
other  members of the Longstreet Executive Committee to help fill in and
lead the meeting.  I know they will do an outstanding job as it promises
to be an excellent meeting.                                             

Remember - "Longstreet is the Camp boys - Longstreet is the Camp!"

Deo Vindice!                       


Our prayers are with Lloyd Brooks, who is in the  health  care  unit  at
Lakewood Manor and is no longer able to take treatments.                

Many  thanks  to  the  79.7%  of  our  members  who  have  renewed their
memberships.  It is hoped that the dues of the remainder will arrive  in
the  mail  any  day  now  or  be  paid  at  the  21  September  meeting.
Appreciation is also expressed to those whose renewals were  accompanied
by donations to the Virginia Division and to the Camp.                  

As  descendants of men who served in the military forces of their states
and their nation, it is our duty to see that they are  honored  properly
during the sesquicentennial of The War Between the States.              

The  very name Civil War is not appropriate.  My dictionary defines such
a war as one between opposing groups of citizens of  the  same  country.
Our  ancestors  were  citizens  of the Confederate States of America and
were fighting against the military forces of another nation.  Robert  E.
Lee's  American  citizenship was not restored until 1975, long after his
surrender at Appomattox in 1865 and his death in 1870.                  

There have been three significant civil wars in my  lifetime.   In  1936
General  Francisco  Franco  of  Spain  led  a  revolt  to  take over the
government of Spain.  A bitter three year war  followed,  with  Franco's
triumph  in 1939.  Franco was one of the few dictators in the history of
the world who planned his succesion.                                    

In 1946 an army backed by the Communists  attempted  to  take  over  the
government  of Greece.  The United States backed the government and sent
General James A.  Van Fleet as a top adviser.  Van Fleet was  successful
in defeating the Communists by 1949.  Before college football became the
money dominated business that it is today, Van Fleet was head  coach  of
the  University  of Florida in 1923 and 1924, in addition to leading the
ROTC unit.  His teams won 12 games, lost three, and tied four for a .737
winning  percentage.   They  were  second  and third in the old Southern
Conference.  The Southern spawned the Southeastern  Conference  in  1932
and  the  Atlantic  Coast  Conference  in  1953.   When  General Matthew
Ridgeway moved up to replace the fired General MacArthur in April  1951,
Van  Fleet succeeded Ridgeway as head of United Nations forces in Korea.
Van Fleet lived to be 100 years old!                                    

In 1946 the Civil  War  in  China  resumed  between  Chiang  Kai  Shek's
government  forces  and  the  Communist army of Mao Tse Tung.  President
Truman sent some American military advisers  to  help  Chiang,  but  the
Communists  triumphed in 1949.  The official Chinese name of this war is
the "War of Liberation."                                                

Unlike these three civil wars, the Confederate States of America made no
attempt  to  take  over  the  government  of the United States.  General
Beauregard said that political and philosophical considerations dwindled
when  Federal troops set foot on the soil of Virginia.  The words of the
Scottish Declaration of  Arbroath  of  1320  were  appropriate  for  the
Confederate soldier of 1861-1865, "We fight not for glory nor wealth nor
honours, but only and alone we fight  for  freedom  which  no  good  man
surrenders but with his life."                                          



NEXT MEETING - TUESDAY, September 21, 2010




Our speaker for July will be Arthur H. Taylor, III  who will speak to us
on  the  Life and Times of Capt.  William Latan‚.  Art is a longtime SCV
member and past Commander of  the  Capt.  William  Latan‚   Camp  #1690.
Please  be sure to attend and bring a member!  This program will be very
informative and entertaining!                                           



Les Updike and Mike Kidd

Growing up in Richmond and living in the area for all but three years of
my life, Richmond being the Capital of the Confederacy was a given, with
not much thought about how that came  to  be.   Les  Updike  of  William
Latane  Camp  #  1690  enlightened  us  at  our  July  meeting about the
background,  politicking,  and  maneuvering  involved  in  selecting   a
permanent capital of the Confederate States of America.                 

South  Carolina  suggested  a  meeting  of  delegates of the six seceded
states in February 1861.  Montgomery, Alabama was chosen as the location
as  the  approximate  geographical center.  Montgomery was chosen as the
temporary capital and watched its population grow from 8,000 to 20,000. 

13 cities were considered as  a  permanent  capital.   Atlanta  received
support because of its proximity to Georgia peanuts.                    

The  secession of additional states, particularly Virginia, gave impetus
to a move of the capital.  On April 22 the Confederacy's Vice  President
Alexander Stephens, a Georgian, met with Virginia's Governor Letcher and
later in closed session with the Virginia legislature and suggested that
perhaps the capital ought to be in Richmond.                            

Back in Montgomery there was resistance.  Georgia and South Carolina did
not trust Virginia.  Georgia's Howell Cobb said that the  wives  favored
Richmond because of its proximity to Hot Springs.                       

There  was  one  vote  per state.  A tie vote of states would defeat the
move.  A tie vote within a state would nullify that  state's  vote.   At
the  time  of the vote there were nine states.  During the day of May 20
Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, and Virginia voted  to  move  the  capital  to
Richmond.  Louisiana had no vote.  In an evening session, delegates from
Louisiana and Florida changed their votes, thus bringing the vote 6-3 in
favor of Richmond.                                                      

On  May  29,  1861, Jefferson Davis moved to Richmond's Spotswood Hotel.
The Brockenbrough Mansion became the White  House  of  the  Confederacy.
Richmond's population exploded, and its glory was assured.              

Thus,  the  thing  that  Richmond  is most famous for was not a foregone
conclusion.  The Duke of Wellington said about the battle  of  Waterloo,
"It  was  a  near  run  thing."  Those  same  words  could well apply to
Richmond's selection  as  the  Capital  of  the  Confederate  States  of


July meeting attendance: 29


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know, our cumulative listing starts in July of each year and we  do  not
meet in August.                                                         
1 July - 8 September 2010

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And the Hi Bidder is:

Peyton Roden was the high bidder for a copy of
Harper's Pictorial Histor of The Civil War.
Thanks to Walt Beam.


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