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It is an honor to serve as commander of the Longstreet Camp once  again.
We  have  a great team of officers serving the camp for this term and we
look forward to continuing to make our camp the best camp  in  the  SCV.
Walter  Tucker,  who  you  all  know is the bedrock on which the camp is
built, will continue to serve as our adjutant.   Andy  Keller  and  Paul
Sacra  will  serve  as  1st and 2nd Lt.  Commanders respectively.  Harry
Boyd will serve as Judge Advocate, Barton Campbell our Chaplain and Gary
Cowardin  our  Quartermaster.   Andy  has already lined up some exciting
speakers and I am excited about what's in store for the  camp  over  the
next year.                                                              

I  wish  to  thank  the  outgoing  officers  who  have contributed their
valuable time and effort to the camp. Mike Kidd has put in a lot of time
and  hard  work  during  his tenure as commander.  Tom Vance and Preston
Nuttall have served as camp officers for over 10  years.   Although  our
longtime  Chaplain  Henry Langford decided not to seek reelection he has
been made a Chaplain Emeritus in  honor  of  his  many,  many  years  of
service to the camp.  We can't thank you enough!                        

As  always,  if  you  have any questions, comments or ideas for the camp
please let me or one of the other officers  know.   I  look  forward  to
seeing you at the next meeting on October 18th.                         

Deo Vindice!                                                            


We extend our sympathy to Lee Crenshaw, whose  wife  Paige  passed  away
this  summer.   It was always our pleasure to have Paige with Lee at our
Christmas banquets.                                                     

Our prayers are with new member Pat Sweeney, who is facing surgery  this

At  our September meeting we were pleased to induct Jason Adams and Doug
Payne along with Pat.  We look forward to inducting Richard  Chenery  at
our October meeting.                                                    

Heartiest  congratulations  to  Tom  Spivey, who recently graduated form
Chesterfield County's 56th Basic Police Academy.  Tom was  president  of
his  academy  class  for  the  31 week session.  He will now be in field
training until the end of December.  Tom had been  employed  at  Circuit
City for a number of years until that well known Richmond based business
closed its doors several years ago.                                     

Elected officers at our September meeting were:                         
Commander               Taylor Cowardin (moving up from 1st LCDR)
1st LCDR                Andy Keller                              
2nd LCDR                Paul Sacra                               
Adjutant/Treasurer      Walter Tucker (re-elected)               
Judge Advocate          Harry Boyd (re-elected)                  
Chaplain                Barton Campbell                          
Chaplain Emeritus       Henry Langford                           

At the October meeting we shall be voting for  Quartermaster  and  shall
then  install  the  current  year's  officers.   Our  thanks  go  to the
following officers who have completed their terms and are stepping  down
after serving faithfully for several years:                             
Mike Kidd               Commander                                
Tom Vance               2nd LCDR                                 
Preston Nuttall         Quartermaster                            
Henry Langford          Chaplain                                 

Past Commander Kidd received earlier this  year  a  Meritorious  Service
Award from the Virginia Division.  Mike has been unable to attend recent
meetings because of a changed employment and work schedule.             

The infirmities of age keep Henry Langford from attending our  meetings.
Henry's  election  as  Chaplain Emeritus at our September meeting was in
recognition of his service and loyalty to the Camp and for his  unending
devotion to the honor of our Confederate ancestors.                     

As  of  6  October  90  %  of our members have paid dues for the current
fiscal year.  It is hoped that the rest will renew  by  our  18  October
meeting.   Renewal  dues received after 29 October will incur $ 10.00 in
reinstatement fees.  Our  Camp  and  the  Virginia  Division  appreciate
greatly  donations  to  various  funds  by  those  whose names are shown
elsewhere in this newsletter.                                           

While most of our members live in  the  Richmond  area,  several  reside

Virginia members not residing in this area are:                         
Christopher Warren   Alexandria             
Joe Wright           Beaverdam              
Irby Moncure         Blackstone             
Daryl Cooke          Bumpass                
Preston Nuttall      Heathsville            
Joe Moschetti        Urbanna                
Jack Kane            Yorktown               
Dave Ware            Yorktown               
Ken Parsons          Williamsburg           
Kendell R. Warren    Williamsburg           

Defending the Confederacy for the Longstreet Camp and the SCV across the
nation are:                                                             
Michael Hendrick     San Mateo, California  
David George, Jr.    Sugar Land, Texas      
Crawley Joyner       Naples, Florida        
Bill Setzer          Key West, Florida      
Ben Marchi           Easton, Maryland       
John Moschetti       Marquette, Michigan    
John Stevens         Raleigh, North Carolina
Joe Price            London, Ohio           

As  in  the  past,  we  have  sent   contributions   to   three   worthy
organizations,  the  Museum  of  the  Confederacy,  the Central Virginia
Battlefields Trust (CVBT), and  the  Richmond  Battlefields  Association
(RBA).   CVBT,  headquartered  in Fredericksburg, is in its 15th year of
operation  and  has  saved  880  acres   of   historic   land   in   the
Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania  area.  RBA doesn't match those numbers, but
it has saved significant historic ground in the Richmond area.          

Our Camp's semi-annual road cleanup of our one mile section  of  Studley
Road  (Route 606), Hanover County, near Enon United Methodist Church, is
scheduled for Saturday 29 October at 10 AM.  Please call me at  360-7247
or  email  me  at if you'd like to help and have not
already so informed me.                                                 
Mark your calendars:                                    
Tuesday  6 December Christmas banquet                  


NEXT MEETING - TUESDAY, October 18, 2011




Our October speaker will be John  S.   Philips.   John  is  a  Certified
Financial  Planner  with  Clear  Point Financial Planning and has been a
coin collector-student for over 50 years.   John  is  a  member  of  the
Virginia  Numismatic  Association,  Richmond  Coin Club, Civil War Token
Society, and the National Scrip Collectors Association.   He  serves  as
the Director of Youth Education for the Virginia Numismatic Association.
John Will speak to us about the Coins, Tokens and currency  used  during
the War of Northern Aggression.                                         


Eric Buckland opened his talk about  Mosby  Men  by  stating  that  John
Singleton  Mosby  had  an  ego and was tireless and fearless, ruling his
unit with an iron fist.  There was resentment of partisan  ranger  units
among  regular  officers  of  the Confederate Army, partially because of
irresponsible behavior of some of the rangers.  All  but  two  of  those
units  were  abolished.   Mosby's  was  one of the two which remained in

Eric then talked about several Mosby Men who achieved  prominence  after
The  War  and  who  are featured in his books "Mosby Men" and "Mosby Men

Charles Broadway Rouss  was  born  near  Baltimore  and  moved  west  of
Winchester.   He left school and began selling pins and needles.  He was
worth $60,000, a significant sum, at the beginning of The War.   He  may
have been a blockade runner.  He first joined the 12th Virginia Cavalry.
He became a member of Mosby's 43rd in early 1865 and spent  just  a  few
weeks  in  that unit.  Post war he went to New York penniless, but was a
millionaire in the 1870's.  He lost his fortune in the panic of 1873. He
was  a  millionaire  again  in the 1880's.  He donated much money to the
South, providing for buildings in  Winchester,  monuments  in  Stonewall
Cemetery,  and  a  fence  around the cemetery.  His fortune was gone ten
years after his death.                                                  

Charles Edward Conrad was a second cousin once removed of Turner  Ashby.
Conrad  joined  Mosby  in  1864  at  the age of 14.  Post war he and his
brother traveled to Fort Benton,  Montana,  the  terminus  of  riverboat
traffic.They became partners in the I.  G.  Baker Mercantile Company and
eventually bought out the other partners.  They also had a  bank,  which
they  sold.  The bank failed.  Conrad, with no obligation to do so, paid
off all depositors.                                                     

John N.  Ballard joined Mosby May 1863 and was wounded one month  later.
Ballard  lost  a  leg  and  was outfitted with the leg of Yankee Colonel
Ulric Dahlgren, who had been killed in King and Queen  County  in  1864.
The  leg  ended up in the cornerstone of a gun foundry at the Washington
Navy Yard.  The leg was called the only  part  of  Dahlgren's  body  not
defiled  by  the  Confederates.   Post  war  Ballard  was Fairfax County
Commissioner of Revenue for 32 years.                                   

Prussian Army officer Robert  von  Massow  joined  Mosby  in  1863  upon
recommendation  of  Heros  von  Borcke  of  Jeb  Stuart's staff.  He was
wounded in February 1864 and after six months of  recuperation  returned
to   Germany.    He   received   the   Iron  Cross  for  action  in  the
Franco-Prussian War.  He commanded the 9th Corps of the German  Army  in
World War One.                                                          

Joseph  Bryan,  born  in  Gloucester County, joined Mosby's 43rd October
1864 and saw a lot of action.  He obtained Stonewall Jackson's raincoat,
which  has  an  interesting  history.   The  coat was given to Jackson's
widow.  David Macrae, a Scottish Presbyterian minister,  persuaded  Mrs.
Jackson  to give it to him, which she did.  It was placed in a museum in
Dundee, Scotland.  After many years Macrae returned  the  coat  to  Mrs.
Jackson.   Upon  her  death  in 1915, the coat went to the VMI Museum in
Lexington.  Joseph Bryan obtained a law degree from UVA in 1867, opening
a  practice  in Palmyra.  He moved to Richmond in 1870.  He became owner
of  The  Richmond  Times,  which  evolved  into  today's  Media  General
Corporation.  The Bryan family has been very influential in Richmond.   

September meeting attendance: 27


Commander: Taylor Cowardin 359-9277 1st. Lt. Cmdr.: Andy Keller 270-0522 2nd Lt. Cmdr.: Paul Sacra 270-1292 Adjutant/Treasurer: Walter Tucker 360-7247 Judge Advocate: Harry Boyd 741-2060 Quartermaster: Gary Cowardin (pending vote) 262-0534 Chaplain: Barton Campbell 794-4562 Chaplain Emeritus: Henry Langford


War Horse editor & Webmaster: Gary Cowardin 262-0534 Website:



Longstreet Camp Donors to  Virginia  Division  Special  Funds,  Old  War
Horse, Hurtt Scholarship Fund, and Longstreet Camp General Fund.  As you
know, our cumulative listing starts in July of each year and we  do  not
meet in August.          1 July, 2011 through 4 October 2012            

Marian and Walt Beam   Richard Chenery   Brian Cowardin  
Lee Crenshaw           Ray Crews         Michael Hendrick
Crawley Joyner         Jack Kane                         
Peter Knowles,III      Lewis Mills       Conway Mocure   
Bob Moore              Joe Price         Waite  Rawls    
Peyton Roden,Sr.       Cary Shelton      Chris Trinite   
Walter Tucker          Hugh Williams                     

October 1861

(Sesquicentennial match dates, including meeting to meeting) 4 Lincoln approved a contract for the construction of ironclad warships by John Ericson of New York. 8 Sherman took command of the Union Department of the Cumberland with headquarters at Louisville. 11 Rosecrans assumed command of the federal Department of Western Virginia. 14 Residents of Chincoteague Island VA took the oath of allegiance to the United States. Lincoln authorized General Winfield Scott to suspend the writ of habeas corpus from Bangor, Maine to Washington, DC. 21 Confederates defeated Yankees at Ball's Bluff, near Leesburg, VA. Lincoln's friend former U. S. Senator Edward Baker was killed. In need of a scapegoat, Yankee Brigadier General Charles Pomeroy Stone, the commander, was imprisoned for months with no charges filed against him. 24 Western Union completed work on the transcontinental telegraph. Lincoln relieved John C. Fremont of command in Missouri, but it took until 2 November for the order to be delivered to Fremont. 25 The keel of USS Monitor was laid at Greenpoint, Long Island. 26 Yankees under Brigadier General Benjamin Franklin Kelley took Romney, an important post in the northern part of western Virginia. 28 Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston took command of the Army of Central Kentucky at Bowling Green. 31 A remnant of the Missouri legislature voted the state out of the Union and into the Confederacy, which in effect created Missouri as a state in both nations.

November 1861

1 Major General George B. McClellan succeeded aged, obese, ailing Lieutenant General Winfield Scott as commanding general of the U S Army. 4 Stonewall Jackson took command of the new Shenandoah Valley District. 5 General Robert E. Lee was named commander of the new Department of South carolina, Georgeia, and East Florida. 6 Jefferson Davis was elected to a six year term as President of the Confederate States of America. 7 Yankees occupied the Port Royal-Hilton Head area in South Carolina. Yankees under Grant captured Belmont, MO, but had to get on their vessels and retreat in response to a Confederate attack led by Leonidas Polk. 8 Yankee ship USS San Jacinto seized Confederate delegates Slidell and Mason from British mail packet Trent. 9 Yankees from their new base at Port Royal seized Beaufort, SC. 11 Near Fort Monroe Professor Thaddeus sent up observation balloons from "balloon boats." 14 USS San Jacinto with captured Confederate delegates Slidell and Mason arrived at Fort Monroe. The Confederate Navy Department called for offers for ironclad men-of-war.


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